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For the first time in thirty-four years - a complete, detailed MAP of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in now available. This book is the ONLY map that shows the exact position of every star (named and blank), and is more accurate than any other map, book, or list. All other "attempts" at a map have been incomplete, inaccurate, and hard to use.

This map is actually more accurate than the list sold by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the current administrators of the Walk of Fame. They do not have a complete map - and neither does any department of the CITY of Los Angeles.

The book is easy to read, easy to use; includes a complete alphabetical index (with cross- references), flexible cover and binding, index grid-numbers for quick location of Stars. It has 56 pages (6 x 9 ); with twenty-two map pages, minimum text, brief tourist information, and bus information. The 18-inch centerfold map shows the entire Walk of Fame area, along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street - a total of 0000 stars.

A few pages show old movie ads for Hollywood theaters. One page, "The Hollywood Walk of FORGOTTEN Fame", lists some of the too-many names that are long overdue for a star. (While there are almost 150 "multiple" Names Stars.)

Now, for the First time, it is possible to see exactly where ALL stars a located. Tourists and fans can find their favorite Stars of Movies, Television, Radio, Recording, and Theater - along the 4 mile round-trip. And people who cannot get to Hollywood can see just who has a star.

Many buildings along the Walk of Fame have hard-to-find street numbers, and there are many parking lots with NO street numbers. So for easier location of stars the map shows symbols for trees, street lights, driveways, and bus stops.

A new name is added every two or three weeks, and present total of named stars is 0000. An insert page will be updated about every six months.

Copyright © 1992 -- Herb Kingsland

The Hollywood Walk of Fame MAP

by Herb Kingsland

Shining Stars of
movies, tv, radio, records, theater
Past and Present

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