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Copyright © 1997
Louis Kingsland jr

The Genealogy
of the
Kingsland Family

by Louis Kingsland jr

together again

Second Edition - Sept. 1997


Over Fifteen Hundred Kingslands - in North America - from Barbados in 1600's, to New Jersey - To parts of the US and Canada - To Present.
Seventeen Generations - Including a brief History of Origins of the Kingsland name - from de Berneval in France and England - to Barnewall in England and Ireland. Some details on Kingslands connected to the history of America.
Basic info on most Kingslands born or lived in America. More than Ninety new Kingslands, since First Edition in 1983. Details on many of the interesting, unusual, and accomplished Kingslands, and some info on their non-Kingsland relations.
New to Second Edition - over Five Hundred names of children of female Kingslands, who married other names. ( But no details on these children, due to space restrictions and research time. )
Includes indexes:
Indexes are printed on THREE different paper colors and matching-color tab dividers, for faster access.

Books are assembled in standard three-ring binders, for users to Add their own pages of notes and charts ( details on ancestors that the book does not have space for ). Comes with blank plastic tab dividers, to insert in front of each person in mainline branch. User writes name of each ancestor on the paper inserts to tabs.

See Sample piece of page at (upper) left. Standard 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

This Book is Not one of the too-many PHONEY generic "mailing list" books that everyone has received Junk mail for. Do They show, or offer, a Sample Page ? ? ? NO ! ! ! And most of that Junk is "priced" at Forty or Fifty Dollars, Plus shipping charges ! ! !

If You Are Lucky . . . it might Only cost a Few Hundred Dollars to research Just One mainline branch. This Book has most branched of most Kingsland family trees in America. . . Seventeen Generations back ! ! !

This Book is only $30 (Thirty Dollars), Including slow-boat postage. Add two dollars for PRIORTY MAIL. California addresses Add $2.23 state sales tax.

Check or Money Order ONLY . . . Never mail ca$h ! ! ! PLEASE SEND a US Postal Money Order for immediate mailing. ALL other forms of Check or MO, must wait to clear bank.

For Full Size Sample Pages, and more details . . . Send your USmail Address, via email to:
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Please spread the word, that this book is available . . . Especially to descendants Not named Kingsland - Very hard to find.

Tell OFF-liners to send two 32¢ US stamps for sample pages to:

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Brief querys can be answered at no charge. But for much detail, long mainlines and sidelines, multiple marriages, charting, etc. -- will have to charge for time and costs. I also have links and connex to several related surnames, more coming. Some only interested in their mainlines, others have more detailed info.

Thanks !

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Copyright © 1997 -- Herb Kingsland